Delivery prices

Prices for Bike Messenger services (all prices are excl. VAT)

Fast, efficient and sustainable bike delivery in Copenhagen.

Small Medium Large
max 40x30x20
up to 10kg
max 40x40x60
up to 30kg
extra fee for more than 4
moving boxes / 80kg
Economy (4h)* 70 kr 100 kr 120 kr
Standard (1.5h)* 95 kr 120 kr 140 kr
VIP (Direct) 140 kr 180 kr 220 kr
+12 kr per kilometre and 30 kr per extra stop

*The service times include pickup and delivery.

Prices apply for:

  • Postcodes 1000 to 2500 plus 2900 (Copenhagen  K, V, FRB, Ø, N, S, SV, NV, Valby, Hellerup)
  • Postcodes 2600 to 2950 (extra 50 kr surcharge).
  • Further addresses on Zealand we reach – as far as possible – environmentally friendly by train and/or bike. Otherwise, we contact our experienced delivery partners who can deliver by van or car.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in doubt of anything- we can handle more than you might think!


At By-Expressen we create your customer account for free. That means you will get invoiced by the end of the month or directly if you wish. Invoices can be paid by bank transfer, MobilePay or credit card. If you don’t need a customer account you can easily pay straight away upon pickup/delivery with cash or via MobilePay.


   5 kr – per min. waiting time if it exceeds 5 min. at pickup or delivery
25 kr – reimbursements made for you
50 kr – for delivery/pickup beyond our usual delivery zone
50 kr – for shipments of more than 4 moving boxes –  per 4th moving box
70 kr – second delivery attempt
+30 % – delivery on Saturdays
+50 % – for work beyond our opening hours


You ship presents to your business partners, test products or invitations to your next event? Our multi-stop service makes it easy to calculate your large deliveries:

  • You pay a fixed price per stop – no charge per kilometre
  • Pick-up at your address is free of charge
  • We deliver the same day if you order before noon
  • For big orders placed after 12 we reserve a right to deliver some of them the day after

Zone 1: København K, V, FRB, Ø, N, S (Postnummer 1000-2000, 2100, 2150, 2200, 2300)
Zone 2: København NV, SV, Valby, Hellerup (Postnummer 2400, 2450, 2500, 2900)

For more than 9 deliveries:
60 kr per stop in Zone 1
80 kr per stop in Zone 2
120 kr per stop beyond Zones 1 & 2 (on request)

For more than 19 deliveries:
55 kr per stop in Zone 1
75 kr per stop in Zone 2
110 kr per stop beyond Zones 1 & 2 (on request)

For more than 49 deliveries:
50 kr per stop in Zone 1
70 kr per stop in Zone 2
100 kr per stop beyond Zones 1 & 2 (on request)

+ 20 kr per stop for packages exceeding 30x25x25 cm or heavier than 10 kg
+ 40 kr per stop for packages exceeding 60x40x40 cm or heavier than 30 kg

Mail distribution

Our mail distribution is a real alternative to your conventional mail-distributor:

  • Pick-up at your address whenever you wish (before 17:00).
  • Guaranteed delivery next day before 12 noon to businesses – before 18:00 to private addresses.
  • Your mail gets delivered 100% free of emissions and as direct as possible.  
  • We contact you immediately if problems occur.

Letter (max A3 / 50x35x3cm):
20 kr up to 100g 
40 kr up to 250g
50 kr up to 2000g
+ 30 kr as registered letter / with POD (proof of delivery)

Parcel (max 60 x 40 x 40cm):             
60 kr up to 5kg 
80 kr up to 10kg
120 kr up to 20kg

Prices apply within postcodes: 1000-2500 + 2900 (exceptions can be discussed)

Distribution of letters with price per staircase:
80 kr next day delivery
45 kr delivery within 3 days
15 kr* pin-up on front door
45 kr* pin-up on noticeboard

*for deliveries to less than 10 staircases in total we charge an economy job from the pick-up place to the delivery area

Mail pick-up / delivery

We offer to collect your mail for 1000 kr per month:

  • We empty your mailbox at the post office (Pilestræde 58) at 8:30 and deliver to your address* before 9:00.
  • We collect letters and parcels from your address* whenever you wish (before 17:00) and deliver them to the post office (Pilestræde 58) before 17:30. You can add our postage service to this agreement.
  • You use other services than Postnord? For an extra 400kr we deliver to drop-of places for GLS, DAO365, UPS and others.

*There is a fee for companies outside Copenhagen K

Ad-hoc pick-ups are being charged as an economy job from your address to the closest post office.

Postage service

Can be added to your mail pick-up agreement: we pick up your mail (before 16:00), do the postage for you and make sure it’s being sent the same day.

Monthly agreement:

2000 kr up to 500 letters per month
3000 kr up to 2000 letters per month
4500 kr up to 5000 letters per month
7000 kr up to 10.000 letters per month

*The named prices are excluding the postage. Postage is charged after Postnords prices for postage with “frankeringsmaskine” (Postnord)

“High standard services for your customers”

Extraordinary / Fast / Flexible

By-Expressen provides everything from super-fast instant delivery to economic “same-day” or “next-day” parcel distribution. We handle your weekend/evening deliveries, care for special needs for handling your products or unusual delivery areas.

Offer your customers an exclusive service with sustainable delivery by bike messenger in Copenhagen with:

“Delivery on demand”

Integrate bike messenger delivery into your business/onlineshop and offer your local customers instant delivery service within one hour. From 100 kr pr delivery. Works well with our “In-house” stock offer.

“Same-day” delivery

The more economic alternative to “Delivery on demand”. Bundle all your customers orders and have us deliver them the same day (from 50 kr pr delivery) or the day after (from 20 kr pr delivery)


Your customer needs a product replaced as soon as possible? We deliver the new product immediately, while returning the faulty one to you.

Returns/Try before you buy

You want to offer your customers a choice? We deliver varietys of an product – let the customer choose – and immediately return the unwanted ones. For example clothes/shoes in different sizes/colours.

“In-house” stock

An excellent complementary to the services mentioned above if your warehouse is located in the outskirts of Copenhagen or somewhere completely different. We store your products in our facilities on Nansensgade 9, 1366 Købenavn K and deliver directly from here to your customers. This enables efficiant and rapid distribution of your products or samples to the general Copenhagen area. In-house stock is possible from 250 kr pr month.

We offer discounts on all services if you can gurarantee a high order volume and our API connection and online order options make ordering a delivery easy and efficient. Please get in touch and we will tailor an offer for you that matches your exact needs.


Bouquets from your flowershop to your customers

45 kr per bouquet to the same postcode/district
90 kr to adjoining postcode/district
120 kr beyond
+45 kr per extra stop in the same postcode

Fees to above prices:
25 kr – return of bouquets
30 kr – delivery deadline under 1 ½ hours after ordering
30 kr – bulky items, e.g. funeral bouquets
10 kr – per bouquet if more than one goes to the same address
2 kr/min – waiting time
10 kr – per bouquet on Saturdays

There is a fee for shops outside of Copenhagen K, V, Ø, N


Get catering/lunch for your company delivered by bike

Lunch deliveries are usually charged as a economy job from the restaurant to your address.
If you have a regular delivery (eg. daily/once a week) we gladly offer fixed rates and discounts.  Contact us to get your individual offer.

We are certificated by the Danish Ministry for Food and Hygiene to deliver food (Kontrolrapport)

Places we regulary deliver for:
Estin – Lille Strandstræde 13
Frøken Sandwich – Gyldenløvesgade 4

Loading assistance & auxiliary tasks

Need a helping hand?

We can help with:

  • carry up (e.g. printer paper)
  • setting up (e.g. trade show booths)
  • grocery shopping
  • moving (e.g. furniture)
    …. or something completely different? We are only a phonecall away and we can help with most things.

300 kr for the first hour – 150 kr per 30min afterwards

National and international express shipments

We ship worldwide with our partners Link Logistics and YSDS.

see our pricelist and contact us for special tasks