Feedback and Complains

We always commit to clear and direct communication, as well as to resolve possible misunderstandings, damages or errors immediately when they occur.

Should you as a customer have suggestions or feedback for us or there are matters you wish to complain about, we encourage you to contact us directly via email to Feel free to include ‘feedback’ or ‘complaint’ in the subject field. These inquiries have the highest priority for us and we will aim to answer you the same day.

You can also submit a formal complaint to the Trafikstyrelsen. If so, you can use this link.

The latest count of the number of complaints regarding By-Expressen’s general service and specific mail transport

Here is the number of formal complaints:
2023: 0

Previous records of formal complaints:
2019: 0. 2020: 0. 2021: 0.
2022: 0.