Other Services

How can we help? We can do more than you might think!:

– Extra assistance

– Flower deliveries

– Catering delivery

– Flyer distribution

– Swaps

– “In-house” stock

Contact us for tailor-made solutions to fit your business needs

Extra assistance

Our courier service can do more! Sometimes you just need a helping hand and we are ready to lend a hand with carrying tasks, setting up trade show booths, shopping and other errands.

150 kr pr. påbegyndte 30 min.

Flower Delivery

Our florist clients have their own special requirements that our dedicated flower
courier service is geared toward. We are experienced with handling and delivering
flowers and our prices reflect our reliability and quality of service.

Catering deliveries

Fixed prices / discounts available on fixed daily or weekly lunch orders.
Danish Food Administration-approved food delivery link)

Flyer / poster distribution

We typically charge for an economy delivery, as outlined in our express-service category, from pick-up to delivery area.
Contact us for a price quote.

Product Exchanges / Swaps

Your customers need a replacement part or product ASAP? We can deliver a new item straight away and return the defective/wrong item to you.

“In-house” stock

An ideal solution in combination with our other services, if your stock warehouse is located outside Copenhagen. We store and handle your products securely at our central Copenhagen office, ready to despatch quickly and efficiently. From 250 kr per month

Contact us to order or use our online-chat if you have any questions. Our courier service goes beyond what you might expect.


All prices are vat excluded