Affordable large-volume same day deliveries on a fixed-price basis:

  • Distribution-tasks
  • Promotional gifts or product samples for your clients
  • Event invitations

No kilometer tariff. We pick up at your address free of charge.

Prices for multi-stop deliveries are valid for 9 or more deliveries ordered at the same time

more than 9 deliveries
more than 19 deliveries
more than 49 deliveries
Zone 1 Postcode 1000-2300 *60 kr *55 kr *50 kr
Zone 2 Postcode 2400-2500 + 2900 *80 kr *75 kr *70 kr
Further postcodes (upon request) *120 kr *110 kr *100 kr
* +12 DKK pr kilometer and 30 Dkk pr extra stop

Surcharges for Multistop same day delivery:

20 kr per stop for consignments exceeding 30x25x25 cm or over 10kg

40 kr per stop for consignments exceeding 60x40x40 or over 30kg

70 kr per additional delivery attempt

Delivery time:

We deliver same day on orders placed before 12 noon

For large bookings placed after 12 noon, we may deliver some of the stops before 12 noon next day.

Contact us to order or use our online-chat if you have any questions.
same day delivery