Our same day solution with a fixed price pr. delivery is directed to webshops, retailers and in general customers with larger distributions. We offer service on the highest level and love the challenges in providing custom solutions to suit exactly your needs.

– Exceptional service for your local webshop customers.
– Promotional gifts or product samples for your clients
– Event invitations

Rates for a same day delivery in Copenhagen:

70 kr pr. delivery up to 5kg and l + w + h – max 80cm

120 kr pr. delivery up to 10kg and l + w + h – max 120cm

150 kr pr. delivery up to 20kg and l + w + h – max 150cm

Dont need a delivery same day? See our rates “next day” delivery here


Those prices are valid only if minimum 10 deliveries are ready for pickup at the same time or if you have a fixed agreement and order online.


Our zones for same day delivery in Copenhagen. Deliverys outside this area are charged as economy express delivery.

same day delivery copenhagen

Delivery times:

– Delivery before 7pm (if ordered and ready for pickup before 2pm) – Standard – no surcharge

– Delivery before 4pm (if ordered and ready for pickup before 12 noon) – no surcharge

– Delivery before 12 noon (if ordered and ready for pickup before 9am) – 10kr surcharge

– Delivery within 4, 3, 2 or one hour after the order is placed or after desired pickup time – ask for offers



7,5 kr per minute waiting time after the first five minutes upon pickup / delivery

50 kr for deliveries outside core area (see above)

50 kr returns because of wrong address

75 kr second delivery attempt


As part of our Webshop delivery services, we can also offer:

In-house stock, Delivery on demand, Product exchange, Try before you buy


All prices are vat excluded


Contact us for a customized solution or use our online-chat if you have any questions.