About us

By-Expressen was established in 2012 by a tight-knit group of experienced bicycle messengers dedicated to harnessing the potential of the cargo bike to tackle the many challenges faced within urban logistics today. The name (meaning City Express) is a nod to a long-defunct courier company who also delivered goods on their fleet of cargo bicycles on the streets of early 20th century Copenhagen.

By-Expressen is Copenhagen’s only independent courier-owned and operated delivery company and, as a matter of principle all our deliveries are still made by cargo bicycle. We work smart, we work together and are passionate about what we do.

We run By-Expressen together as a co-operative: We collectively establish the parameters of our own work in order to accomplish our goals and evolve as a company. We believe a community-focused approach is integral to achieving a more egalitarian workplace and providing genuinely sustainable logistics solutions that benefit our team, our clients and our environment.

The team