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Copenhagen bicycle delivery

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Express delivery

Guaranteed within 4 hours, 1½ hours or direct based on your needs and timings.


– Quick solutions for any size and type of packages
– Handling of any special task requirements
– Fixed prices on daily time sensitive deliveries

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Distribution – same day

Our same day service is directed to webshopsretailers and circular re-supply providers with larger distributions in terms of quantity and/or size.


– Fixed price on the unit
– Gifts, samples, goodie bags and general re-supplies
– Return options and more

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Distribution – next day

Our next-day service is made for local shops and retailers looking for a last-mile service
solution for non-urgent deliveries.


– Fixed price on the unit
– Reliable in-house stock

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Our mail service is simple, convenient and flexible.


– Monthly subscriptions or on the call
– Competitive prices and cut of the franking costs
– Direct communication chain and customisable setups

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We’re specialized in shop logistics and ready to meet your needs!


– Quick transfer shop to shop
– Full daily resupply between your selling points, office and warehouse
– Webshop last-mile retail service for your customers

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We can do more than you might think! Here are some examples, but feel free to challenge us:


– Handling and legalisation of documents
– In house stock and circular deliveries
– Special prices on flowers, catering and flyers/posters deliveries

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100% emissions-free transportation with bicycle couriers

By-Expressen provides the most flexible and sustainable logistics solutions in Copenhagen. We transport all types of deliveries by cargo bike and our couriers are among the fastest and most experienced in the industry.

Booking or checking an order status is easy, whether by phone, email or through our online ordering portal. We maintain constant radio contact with our couriers and obtain electronic proof-of-delivery as standard.

By-Expressen is an independent and worker-owned company. We are proud to provide effective green solutions for local companies, their business partners and clients, while simultaneously contributing to a future city with fewer emissions and less congestion.

Despite a high workload, we always provide service with a smile. We communicate closely with our broad spectrum of clients in order to provide custom solutions to suit their needs.

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