Distribution – same day

Our same day service is directed to webshops, retailers and circular re-supply providers with larger distributions in terms of quantity and/or size.


– Fixed price on the unit
– Gifts, samples, goodie bags and general re-supplies
– Return options and more


Your express delivery is registered with time, location and proof of delivery (POD) as recipient name or picture of safe placement so you can always be sure of your consignment reaching its destination securely.





7,5 kr per minute waiting time if more than five minutes upon pickup / delivery

50 kr for deliveries outside core area (see above)

50 kr returns because of wrong address

75 kr second delivery attempt


As part of our Webshop delivery services, we can also offer:

In-house stock, Delivery on demand, Product exchange, Try before you buy


All prices are vat excluded


Contact us for a customized solution or use our online-chat if you have any questions.