Express delivery by bicycle courier in Copenhagen within 4 hours, 1½ hours or direct.

We transport everything from keys, documents, garment bags, food, flowers, right up to multiple moving boxes. We also offer solutions for special tasks, such as legal/court filings, consular or apostille processing, store purchases, etc.

We can offer fixed prices on daily deliveries and large volume orders.

l + w + h max 80cm
up to 5kg
l + w + h max 120cm
up to 20kg
l + w + h max 240cm
fee if over 50kg
Economy (4 hours) *75 kr *100 kr *175 kr
Standard (1½ hours) *100 kr *125 kr *200 kr
VIP (direct) *150 kr *200 kr *290 kr
* +13,50 kr pr kilometer and 50 kr pr extra stop

Your express delivery is registered with time, location, recipient name and signature, so you can always be sure of your consignment reaching its destination securely


Size is calculated upon pickup according to categories stated above.

Delivery time includes pickup and delivery: ie. a standard delivery will be delivered within 1½ hours of placing an order.

Kilometer tariff is calculated as the shortest bikeable route from pickup point to delivery point.


Check the FAQ about how to order, payment methods and how we handle your delivery.

Prices apply for deliveries within:

– Postcodes 1000 through to 2500 plus 2900 (Copenhagen K, V, FRB, Ø, N, S, NV, SV, Valby, Hellerup)

– Postcodes 2600 through to 2950, deliveries are subject to a surcharge of +30% of order value (min. 50 kr.)

– If possible, we may deliver to further destinations outside Greater Copenhagen either by bicycle and/or by train. Otherwise, we are happy to refer your delivery request to our trusted logistics partners who deliver by van.

express delivery

Surcharges for express delivery:

7,5 kr per minute waiting time after the first five minutes upon pickup / delivery

 75 kr per second delivery attempt, in case of undeliverable consignment

 75 kr late cancellation fee

+30% (or minimum 50 kr) for deliveries outside core area (see above)

+50% volume surcharge on deliveries over 50kg / more than 4 moving boxes

+30% for any deliveries on Saturdays

+50% surcharge for deliveries outside standard business hours

5% (or minimum 25kr) fee on outlays

All prices are vat excluded

Contact us to order or use our online-chat if you have any questions.