No matter your requirements: sharp delivery deadlines; specific delivery areas; weekend or evening deliveries; special handling requirements or simply an efficient and environmentally sound alternative to your current logistics provider. We offer a wide range of services at competitive prices.

Read more about our range of services below or contact us for a custom solution to your delivery needs.


Express delivery is available for anything and guaranteed within 4 hours, 1½ hours or direct based on your needs and timings.

– Quick solutions for any size and type of packages
– Handling of any special task requirements
– Fixed prices on daily time sensitive deliveries


Distribution – same day

Our same day service is directed to webshops, retailers and circular re-supply providers with larger distributions in terms of quantity and/or size.
– Fixed price on the unit
– Gifts, samples, goodie bags and general re-supplies
– Return options and more

Distribution – next day

Our next-day service is made for local shops and retailers looking for a last-mile service
solution for non-urgent deliveries.

– Fixed price on the unit
– Reliable in-house stock

Mail Service

Our mail service is simple, convenient and flexible.
– Monthly subscriptions or on the call
– Competitive prices and cut of the franking costs
– Direct communication chain and customisable setups

Shop logistics

We’re specialized in shop logistics and ready to meet your needs!

– Quick transfer shop to shop.
– Full daily resupply between your selling points, office and warehouse.
– Webshop last-mile retail service for your customers.

Other Services

We can do more than you might think! Here are some examples, but feel free to challenge us:

– Handling of documents
– In house stock and circular deliveries
– Special prices on flowers, catering and flyers/posters deliveries